OVP can disconnect the systems from its output pin(OUT) in case wrong input operating conditions are detected. The system is positive overvoltage protected up to 28V or more higer voltage.OVP internal Thermal-Shutdown Protection.

The device is packaged in advanced full-Green compliant Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP).

Product Features:

Surge Protection IEC 61000-4-5, VIN Operating Range: 2.1V to 28V, Adjustable OVLO Threshold Range: 4V to 20V, Small Size Package, ESD Protected


Smartphones, Tablet PC, HDD, Storage and Solid State Memory Devices, Portable Media Devices, Laptop & MID, SLR Digital Cameras, GPS and Navigation Equipment, Industrial Handheld and Enterprise Equipment

Vin:Input Voltage Range

Vout:Output Voltage Range

ISW:Maximum Continuous Current of switch IN-OUT, Ilimit:Current Limit

Rds(on):On-Resistance of Switch IN-OUT

Part No. Vin(V) Vovlo (V) IMax(A) IQ(μA) Vuvlo(V) Toff (ns) Ron (mΩ) Tshdn (℃) TVS (±100V) Ta(℃) Package Data sheet